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Workers Comp Reforms Vetoed

In what the Illinois State Medical Society termed “a huge setback for the medical community, employers and injured workers,” Gov. Rauner last week used an amendatory veto of Senate Bill 904, permitting workers' compensation insurance companies to continue skirting existing law on payment of claims.  

As passed by the Illinois General Assembly, Senate Bill 904 made three changes to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act:

● Allowing physicians to collect 1% interest on late medical claims by filing a claim for this interest in circuit court. Currently physicians cannot collect the 1% interest because there is no enforcement in current law.

● Requiring workers' compensation insurance companies to send an Explanation of Benefits to medical offices explaining why they have denied the authorization of medical care, or what additional information insurers need to make a decision on that care. 

● Preventing workers' compensation insurers from ignoring the law that requires them to use electronic billing for workers' compensation claims. 

"The important care provided by doctors, hospitals, and other providers is threatened because of a loophole being exploited by workers’ compensation insurance companies that allows them to authorize treatment and then not pay a medical provider," ISMS president-elect Paul E. Pedersen, MD, said in a statement.

Currently doctors in Illinois are owed millions of dollars for approved workers' compensation medical care.

Noting that the legislation enjoyed overwhelming bipartisan support in the General Assembly, ISMS will seek an override of the Governor’s amendatory veto.

Funding for Treatment of Domestic Violence

During a meeting on August 8, the DCMS Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) identified next steps in the effort to secure additional funding for treating victims of domestic violence.

Committee members, led by Lawrence Schouten, MD, DCMS Board Chair, were instrumental in drafting a resolution
 adopted as policy in April by the Illinois State Medical Society that directs ISMS to "seek legislative solutions and other remedies to assure available and adequately funded treatment for victims of domestic violence."

Given the state's financial situation, funding has been cut and is significantly lower, in real dollars, than a decade ago. Those reductions are especially problematic, the Committee believes, given the high costs related to ignoring the problem and not providing treatment for victims.

Extrapolating from national data, there are likely around 200,000 victims of domestic violence in DuPage County. Last year Family Shelter Service served 2000 victims, but was forced to turn away 1300 others who needed help.

Working with the Governmental Affairs Committee to craft the post-election action plan are the following leaders:

  • Karen Ayala, Executive Director, DuPage County Health Department
  • Dennis Brennan, Legislative Manager, DuPage County Health Department
  • Judie Caribeaux, Executive Director, Family Shelter Service
  • Erin O’Brien, Vice President, State Legislative Affairs, Illinois State Medical Society
  • Vickie Smith, Executive Director, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence