The DCMS Board of Directors is a reflection of the Society membership, comprised of both primary and specialty care physicians from all areas of DuPage County. The Board sets policy that advocates for, informs and empowers physicians so they can focus on providing quality patient care. Society members are welcomed at Board meetings and engagement is encouraged. Our Executive Committee is responsible for managing the Society’s business. Comprised of the Society’s officers and several elected members of the Board, the Executive Committee meets monthly and remains nimble to assure the Society can quickly address members’ needs. The DCMS staff implements the directives of the physician leadership and assures the smooth flow of administrative activities.

  • 2019 Board of Directors

    Lawrence J. Schouten - Board Chair
    Tina M. Brueschke - President
    Rockford G. Yapp - Secretary-Treasurer

    Ex Officio
    Lanny F. Wilson - Foundation President
    Umang S. Patel - Ethical Relations Chair
    Tina M. Brueschke - 9th District ISMS Trustee


    2018-19 Term

    Sean S. Adams
    Christopher A. Barbour
    Eleni Bourtsos
    Girdhar Burra
    Sasha M. Demos
    Samuel J. Girgis
    Mitra Kalelkar
    Dipul V. Patadia
    Ahmad D. Raslan
    Hythem P. Shadid
    Lanny Wilson

    2019-2020 Term

    Kris Alden
    John R. Born
    Rashmi K. Chugh
    Mark F. Daniels
    Michael Durkin
    Shahzaib Khan
    Manuel A. Malicay
  • 2019 Committees

    Rockford Yapp, Chair
    Tina M. Brueschke
    Lawrence J. Schouten

    Tina M. Brueschke, President Rockford Yapp, Secretary-Treasurer
    Lawrence J. Schouten, Board Chair
    Christopher Barbour
    John Born
    Mitra Kalelkar
    Lanny WIlson

    Umang S. Patel***, Chair
    Mark F. Daniels**
    Vincent Bufalino
    Girdhar Burra
    Rajeev Kumar
    Donald Lurye
    Manual A. Malicay
    Michael Martirano
    Hythem P. Shadid

    Lanny F. Wilson, Chair
    Tina M. Brueschke
    Rashmi K. Chugh, Vice Chair
    Mark F. Daniels
    Raymond A. Dieter
    Shahzaib Khan
    Mitra Kalelkar
    Lawrence J. Schouten
    Hythem P. Shadid
    Rockford G. Yapp

    Tina M. Brueschke, Chair
    Christopher Barbour
    Sasha Demos
    Lawrence Schouten
    Lanny Wilson
    Rockford Yapp

    The President and Secretary-Treasurer also serve as ex-officio members of all committees.

    ** Term Expires 12/31/21
    *** Term Expires 12/31/23
  • Kirk G. McMurray, Executive Director

    Kirk G. McMurray, Executive Director

    Kirk succeeded the original DCMS Executive Director in 1988, coming to DuPage County after working several years in marketing and communications at the Michigan State Medical Society. He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and has long been especially intrigued by the ability of organized medicine to formulate policy that leads progressive change.
    Kate Kalbfleisch, Member Services Manager

    Kate Kalbfleisch, Member Services Manager

    Kate joined the DCMS staff at the start of 2012, after working at her alma mater, Wheaton College, for many years. Famous quote from Kate: “If there is a problem, nine times out of ten, it’s a communication problem. The tenth time it can be solved with a good database.”

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