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    Committed to funding the advancement of medicine in DuPage County

foundation introAbout Our Foundation

The DuPage Medical Society Foundation is a public charity established to promote the education, health and well-being of DuPage County residents. The Foundation strives to meet this mission by providing scholarship grants to health care students from DuPage County.

Elina | 2019 Winner

Elina | 2019 Winner

"Through this award you are reducing my financial burden allowing me to focus more on my schoolwork and research. I hope that one day I will be able to help students reach their educational goals in the same way you are helping me."
Elina Pliakos, 2019 James P. Campbell, MD, Memorial Scholarship grant recipient
Sean| 2019 Winner

Sean| 2019 Winner

" I made it my goal to at least elicit a smile from each patient I have the opportunity to help. While I do not always succeed, my efforts are worth it. Each time a smile or laugh replaces the weight of a patient’s concern, I am reminded of that first patient and the new purpose I have found. "
Sean Harnik, 2019 William B. Frymark scholarship grant recipient
Andrew | 2018, 2019 Winner

Andrew | 2018, 2019 Winner

"After finishing medical school, I intend to work towards become an academic physician who specializes in radiation oncology. I have found this field to be both stimulating and humbling, and I want to dedicate my time to helping patients battle cancer and oversee their treatment."
Andrew Tran, 2018 William B. Frymark scholarship grant recipient
Kathryn | 2018, 2019 Winner

Kathryn | 2018,2019 Winner

"As an athlete, researcher, educator, and clinician, my goal, through action and personal practice, is to continue to educate the general population on the positive impact physical activity and good nutrition have on disease prevention through activities of daily living."
Kathryn McLeland, 2018, 2019 scholarship grant recipient

History of our Foundation

In 1964, the DuPage County Medical Society, Health Department, and Pharmaceutical Association combined forces to carry out an oral vaccination program to provide the population of DuPage County with protection against poliomyelitis - polio. Donations of 50 cents per dose were requested in order to meet expenses of the program. Hundreds of public spirited citizens, including physicians, pharmacists, and the entire staff of the health department volunteered in the effort.

The program was a great success. So great, in fact, that approximately $59,000 was realized after all expenses were met. Since profit had not been the motive for the program, no plans had been made for the use of such a sum. From these beginnings, the DuPage Medical Society Foundation was formed.

In its 50 years, the Foundation has awarded more than $398,000 in student scholarships and in grants to community organizations serving DuPage county.

How to apply

To be eligible for a scholarship grant from the Foundation, students must be enrolled in or accepted for admission to a professional education or training program before applying, and they must exhibit a strong academic background in addition to financial need. Students in prerequisite and undergraduate curriculums (i.e. pre-med) are not eligible for Foundation scholarships. The number of scholarships granted and the amounts awarded vary each year. The average amount of each scholarship is $1,000.