2018 Resolutions

DuPage County Medical Society Resolutions
2018 Illinois State Medical Society Annual Meeting


Resolution C310 Funding Treatment for Victims of Domestic Violence
Directs ISMS to seek legislative solutions and other remedies to assure available and adequately funded treatment for victims of domestic violence.

Resolution C312 Elimination of Hepatitis C in Illinois
Establishes policy endorsing the elimination of HCV by 2030, supporting the Illinois HCV Elimination Project, and seeking gubernatorial resolution dedicating the state to the elimination of HCV.


Resolution C308 Blindness Prevention
Calls on ISMS to promote dissemination of blindness prevention information and advocate insurance coverage for routine exams by ophthalmologists.

Resolution C316 Product Label Dates
Seeks federal standardization of date labels on foods and products to ensure that they address safety concerns.


Resolution B211 Prescriptions Drug Costs
Advocates for changes to lower the cost of prescription medications, including Medicare price negotiations and FDA-monitored importations.

Resolution C311 AMA to Explore Privately Funded Residency Training Programs
Sought AMA policy supporting evaluation of the feasibility of developing privately funded graduate medical education programs.

Resolution C313 Medicine Cabinet Safety
Called for promotion of information on safely and securely storing medications.


Resolution B209 Cloud-based Repository Advance Directives
Seeks creation of a national cloud-based database of advance directives that can be accessed by healthcare institutions on behalf of patients.


Resolution B210 Costs to Kidney Donors
Asks the AMA to promote legislation to ensure that living kidney donors are reimbursed for expenses associated with donation of their kidney.

Resolution C315 “Retired” Physicians as Community Assets
Directs ISMS to develop a program linking retired physicians with volunteer opportunities and explore ways to assist physicians forced to discontinue practice because of disability.


Resolution A101 Property Tax Exemptions for Non-Profits
Sought AMA policy for limiting the non-profit organization tax exemption and directing those tax dollars to care in underserved communities.

Resolution B212 Workplace Demeanor
Called for guidelines defining bullying, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior for medical workplace employees.

Resolution B213 Ineffective NPDB
Sought IDFPR verification of National Practitioner Data Bank reports on physicians sanctioned in other states when they seek licensure in Illinois.

Resolution C307 Milk
Asked ISMS to adopt a definition of milk as being produced from live animals/humans..

Resolution C309 Carbon Dioxide Burial
Asked for AMA policy advocating rules around carbon dioxide sequestration through burial that would safeguard water and food.

Resolution C314 Quarry Water Contamination
Asked ISMS to support state monitoring of groundwater around quarries and regulation of materials dumped in quarries.

Resolution C317 Skin Compounds
Wanted support for reporting to the FDA of adverse reactions from skin cleansing and cosmetic compounds.