2017 Resolutions

DuPage County Medical Society Resolutions
2017 Illinois State Medical Society Annual Meeting


Resolution C313 Lawsuit Transparency
Compels ISMS to urge legislation requiring that any party to a lawsuit must disclose financial transactions related to the suit from third-party sources.

Resolution C315 15-Month Prescriptions
Seeks change to Illinois law to allow prescriptions for non-controlled substances to be refilled for 15 months rather than the current 12 months.


Resolution C317 Amusement Park Rides
Directs ISMS to advocate for comprehensive oversight and regulation of amusement park and carnival rides in Illinois.


Resolution B207 Abolish Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board
ISMS policy already supports abolishing the Board and repealing all Certificate of Need laws.

Resolution C318 Substance Abuse Treatment
Called on ISMS to support treatment rather than punishment for persons struggling with substance abuse issues.


Resolution B206 Transparency About Cost of Medical Services 
Asks ISMS to advocate for medical service price disclosures to patients so they can make better informed health and financial decisions.

Resolution C311 Bicycle Safety
Asks ISMS to advocate for improved biking safety measures, including helmet use, separation of bike lanes and better enforcement of traffic laws.

Resolution A100 House of Delegates Meeting Length
Directs ISMS to rethink the approach to the House of Delegates meeting to find ways to efficiently and effectively complete required business during a shortened session.


Resolution C312 Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness
Directs ISMS to encourage studies to determine effectiveness and safety of anti-germ ingredients in topical hand sanitizers.

Resolution C314 For-Profit Medical Schools or Colleges
Calls on ISMS to conduct a study on the long-term viability of for-profit medical schools and the outlook for non-traditional medical education.


Resolution C309 Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Disabled Veterans
Sought ISMS support for law to assure that property tax exemptions available to qualified disabled veterans extend to surviving spouses. Thought to be outside the scope of ISMS priorities.

Resolution C310 Reporting Acute Flaccid Myelitis
Called for mandatory reporting of Acute Flaccid Myelitis in Illinois and, nationally, to the CDC. Felt to be addressed by the CDC already.

Resolution C316 Railway Safety
Asked ISMS and the AMA to urge prompt implementation of the automatic electronically controlled braking system mandate for all trains. Felt there was little ISMS could do to further address this unfunded mandate.