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    Scope of Practice

    Scope of Practice

    Every legislative session brings renewed efforts to grant greater practice privileges to allied health providers. Allowing non-physician health practitioners to expand their scope of practice through legislation rather than through education and training is not good public policy for improving access to quality care. A well-run clinical team requires successful coordination among physicians and other healthcare professionals.
    Medical Practice Mandates

    Medical Practice Mandates

    All too often proposed legislative remedies for problems center around new medical practice mandates. However clinical practice guidelines – of which there are now over 7500 – are never put forth to be codified into law. Such mandates only compromise physicians’ ability to provide appropriate patient-centered care.
    Physician Payment Issues

    Physician Payment Issues

    Elimination of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula in 2015 was a giant leap forward for Medicare reform. The law paves the way for important payment reforms – including the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) that is under development and is intended to streamline the various reporting programs for physicians. Shaping the MIPS so that it fixes the problems of the current system and is beneficial for both physicians and patients is now at the heart of Medicare reform efforts.
    Physician-Patient Relationship

    Physician-Patient Relationship

    The doctor-patient relationship is sacred – the foundation of medical ethics. And it is regularly under assault, especially from insurers who regularly tinker with coverages, narrow networks and add barriers. The sheer hassle factor is inexcusably frustrating for both physicians and patients.

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    AMA Responds to Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

    The American Medical Association and other medical groups are speaking up as the new Congress ponders repealing the Affordable Care Act. Their point? Legislators should plan for a replacement before conducting major surgery.
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    Foundation Announces Scholarship Awards

    The DuPage Medical Society Foundation announces the awarding of grants to 14 area students pursuing healthcare careers. Foundation president Ronald H. Stefani, Jr, MD, congratulated the winners and noted that with this year's grants the Foundation has awarded over $372,000 in scholarships. "We had an outstanding group of applicants," Doctor Stefani said, "But Foundation giving was down from previous years and we weren't able to award these capable and talented students as we would have liked." All Foundation donations go directly to scholarships. "Take a moment to go to the Foundation page on the DCMS website and donate today," Doctor Stefani urged.

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    New Major Medical PPO Available to Eligible DCMS Members

    You and your employees may be eligible for a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) group health insurance product through your DuPage County Medical Society membership.

    This new program offering is available to DCMS members in solo practice, or in group practice of two or more employees up to a maximum of 50 employees working 20 or more hours per week, and includes dependents. It accesses the Cigna Open Access Plus national PPO network and offers your choice of 9 separate plan options (including two Health Savings Account [HSA] qualified plans).

    The broker offering this program exclusively is Henry Nussbaum of the Cunningham Group. He may be contacted by phone at 312.480.1357, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    DCMS Offers Disability Income Program for Members

    DCMS now offers a Disability Income Program, available exclusively to members. The program has Guaranteed Level Premiums and is tailored to your specific needs. The definition of disability is “your own occupation” and the program is available with a 20% discount over similar plans. Available only to Society members, the DCMS Disability Income Program plan has many other high quality features; and you can learn more by contacting the program administrator Irv Siegel at 312.714.1714. Of course there is no cost or obligation in receiving information about this plan.

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